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"Friends we are, friends we were,

and friends we will always be."
D. Morgan

Welcome to Ms. Lillie's Celebrity Pages!
See Ms. Lillie with some of her most famous friends,
like the ones shown above, Bill & Gloria Gaither
of Gaither Music

Ms. Lillie with
"Queen of Gospel Music"
Shirley Caesar

Ms. Lillie and Pat Robertson

Ms. Lillie with Carman

The Champ.gif (35099 bytes)
Ms. Lillie with Judy Spencer and Heavy Weight Champion, Evander Holyfield

Ms. Lillie with Dino,
World Famous Pianist Extraordinare

Ms. Lillie with a "LIVE"
Precious Moments Doll
Carthage, MO

Miss America.JPG (29116 bytes)
Ms. Lillie at Miss America Pagent
Atlantic City - 1995

Ms. Lillie with Carol Cymbala,
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Director

Ms. Lillie with Gloria Gaither and
Ms. Indiana 2003, Bryn Chapman

Ms. Lillie with Nicky Cruz

Ms. Lillie with Ben Vereen


Terry Bradshaw & Lillie
Ms. Lillie with Sports Legend -
Terry Bradshaw

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